Kiss those doubts away forever.

Kiss those doubts away.

Kiss those doubts.

Kiss those.



Never Again

All the days we’ve been together
All the time we said forever
The moments that we never said never
Where we thought we’ll never be over

A perfect couple we used to be
A love and friendship we build for others to see
Your eyes that are just meant for me
Your love that I treasured but I set them free

We loved each other but it’s not that easy
All that I feel now is misery
The thing I did may be a little silly
But no one will ever know because it’ll be a mystery

I love you but broke your heart
A decision that made us part
Our relationship was like a work of art
But you’ve ruined it and tear it apart

Maybe in another life our love could flow
But not now, not even tomorrow
Even my love for you will not anymore glow
Never again, I can never let it show


I don’t know what I want
I always feel like a dry and lifeless plant
It’s hard for me to figure out
What my life is all about

I wanted to be strong
To make the right choices and decisions
But somehow I always end up wrong
Making me feel weak and alone

I hate being like this
I missed the young and carefree me
If I could just make the time freeze
I’ll go back and be what I really want to be


Why am I feeling like this?
Something that makes my heart freeze
Tears that somehow never leave
And is stuck in my head like a first kiss

All may have experienced this kind of sadness
A feeling of forever loneliness
It can be forgotten in a minute or two
But rushes back like a fast spreading flu

This may not go any moment
And is sure to stay for a quite while
I have nothing to do but live in this torment
To just endlessly wait and ask why?