To The Girl with the Pink Bow

EST: 2013

056 I took this photo during our gala night last Cinemalaya XI. I never thought I’ll be writing this post for you. I was supposed to give you a handwritten letter when we graduate but I can’t do that now…

To the girl with the pink bow,

Where are you now?

Are you up in the sky,

Painting rainbows and taking photographs of the moon?

To the girl with the messy brown hair,

What are you doing now?

Are you on top of the clouds,

Skating and doing cartwheels?

To the girl with hugs as warm as summer,

How are you now?

Are you stuffing yourself with Oreos,

With that stirring smile of yours?

To the girl with a heart as huge as Jupiter,

I wish you could have stayed.

I wish I could rewrite the past few months of your life,

And fill it with happiness, love and care.

To the…

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