The Heart Wants What It Wants

Do you really know what’s in your heart? What it says, it feels, it really wants? What do you really want? What’s In Your Heart? by Ines Bautista-Yao will make you ask these questions to yourself and if you think this book will answer those questions, well you’re wrong. You’re the only one who can answer those questions but this book can help you. It can help you understand your heart and yourself more.

At first, I thought this is just a simple romance feel good story and I liked the cover design so I thought I’ll give it a try. This is not your ordinary book about love where boy meets girl and they fall in love. It tells a story of a nineteen year old girl where she finds herself lost in the middle of everything, her future, her family, friends, herself, just like every nineteen year old girl might be going through. She finds it hard to know what her real goals are and if she really has one. One can relate to Natividad, the main character, where she struggles to make a decision for her future. The interesting part of the story is how she goes through her life. Is it the way she knows best and safe for her and what other people tells her or is it what she really wants and what’s in her heart?

Aside from focusing on Natividad, the part where it became a page turner for me is when she started telling stories about her family, specifically about her grandmother and grandaunt where she and her sister got their names. Who doesn’t want to know stories about our grandparents and what mystery lies in it. Digging in the story of her grandaunt and grandmother and some old letters she found, gave Natividad something to think about and be interested in. The things Natividad discovered made her realize something about her that really helped her decide her future and what she really wants.


I can say that we can all relate to Natividad in some point of our lives where we feel lost and don’t know who we really are and what we really want. The story teaches us that if we want to pursue our dreams we should work hard for it and think what really matters and follow what’s in our hearts. This book is a real page-turner and is not cliché. It will really make you crave for more stories about Natividad’s life and her family.



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